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Let's open the door to Inclusion

The project "Let's open the door to Inclusion" 2013-2015, represents support for the inclusion of children from marginalized groups (Roma) in the preparatory preschool program by raising community awareness about inclusive education, children's rights, and support for child protection. The project was implemented with the support of the Save the Children organization and the IKEA Foundation. During the three-year project, 164 workshops were held with children aged 5-15, preschoolers, and primary school age.

Quality education for all, without discrimination

The project "Quality education for all, without discrimination", 2016-2018, represents support for children from marginalized groups in education, raising awareness of parents and the community about children's rights and education in Gracanica. The project is supported by „Save the Children“ and the „IKEA Foundation“.

Student Code of Conduct

With the cooperation of the “Save the Children organization” and the Swedish Agency for International Development and Cooperation (Sida) and the elementary school "Kralj Milutin" in Gracanica, project was implemented to support the protection of children and the promotion of children's rights. A panel "Code of Conduct" was placed in the hall of the elementary school "Kralj Milutin" the student’s rules of conduct, parents and teachers were written and presented in an acceptable way to the age of primary school students.

Parliament in Action Against Violence

The project "Parliament in Action Against Violence" in 2018, was implemented in the elementary school "Kralj Milutin" in Gracanica and in the elementary school "Miladin Mitic" in Laplje Selo, which was supported by the international organization “Save the Children” and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The project was about protection of the children - the prevention of peer violence.


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